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Error P0420 / P0430 – what to do?

Errors P0420 and P0430 are familiar to those who have experienced low catalyst performance, periodic increases in fuel consumption and the ignition of a light lamp on the dashboard. How the error is manifested:

  • Oxygen sensors give a sinusoid or give a signal that is identical to the sound designation of the probes.

A working system is characterized by completely different readings, so that the car is functioning normally.

Why the error appears: common reasons

  • Filter blockage.
  • Malfunction of nozzles or components of the ignition system (coil, wires or spark plugs).
  • The appearance of cracks in the exhaust manifold.

Regardless of the reason, gasoline gets into the catalyst and begins to burn down. This destroys its surface layer and base. In this case, complete replacement of the catalyst is required.

What to do if P0420 and P0430 light up periodically?

A regular alert is not a harbinger of a serious problem. To fix it, you just need to reset the error or install the catalyst emulator.

EUS Production equipment exclude lambda malfunction by giving a signal that is fully corresponds with a working system. The module is installed in the place of the second lambda probe circuit break. After connecting, re-reprogramming is not required, the complex operates in the usual mode. The electronic module is worked thanks to the microprocessor. It restores the functioning of the catalyst in all modes of operation of the engine.

Catalyst bait

The catalyst bait works and synchronizes with titanium lambdas, which are often found in Honda, Audi, Subaru, Volvo, Peugeot cars. Modules EUS Production cope with errors p0421 p0422 p0423 p0424 p0425 p0426 p0427 p0428 p0429 in addition to the main P0420 and P0430.

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