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Sun tracking system

Solar panel, which you can buy individually custom-made, is an alternative to the replacement of network energy. The operation of the installation is ecologically friendly and safe. The effective functioning of the panel is achieved by trackers for the solar panel EUS Production.

The module is presented in the form of a base that changes position to follow the sun, fully assembling each beam. Installation Benefits:

  • Protection against wind gusts.
  • Complete set of sensors against rainfall and solar activity detectors.
  • Built-in WiFi module.
  • Control of the tracker work by a WEB page.
  • MQTT allows you to collect and receive weather data from around the world.
  • The IP66 corps allows you to mount the system in the open air.

If you want to buy a solar tracker, it is better to stay on models with two rotary axes. One of them is fixed on the surface or on the ground, the other – acts as a secondary complex. The use of the system increases battery throughput by 70% and higher. It constantly moves in the direction of the sun, covering and processing the maximum number of rays.

What the solar panel to buy?

Monocrystalline models – are the top global sales. Film installations have not gained significant popularity. Monocrystalline products are perfectly combined with trackers. Advantages of solar panels of this format:

  • High performance and energy generation efficiency.
  • Mounted in conditions of space deficiency. Are suitable for installation on a roof or other roof deck.

The cost of the complex belongs to the middle price segment. Polycrystalline batteries are an alternative to monocrystals. They also interact with EUS Production, ensuring maximum use efficiency.

Implement innovative technology – just with EUS Production!

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