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Simple smart home – fiction or reality?

A simple smart home today is not the plot of a fantastic film, but the reality. EUS Production enables everyone to organize a smart management system. If before popular were considered exclusively complexes “turnkey”, today in the TOP crafting system. This variety allows you to buy and install components separately.

EUS Production presents unique systems that make it possible to organize the management of the house inexpensively and efficiently.

Basic components of smart housing: manufacturer’s range

Agree that air humidification is a secondary task compared to safety. Craft smart house EUS Production is a collection of exclusively main and main complexes. The company’s range:

  • Smart security. Reacts to movement, breaking glasses, breaking doors, gas or water leakage. Synchronizes with the network and allows you to control the position remotely.
  • GSM alarm system. It is intended for control of objects inside and on the territory of the yard. Equipment supplemented by an audible alert and a speaker.

Installed such a smart home cheap. The cost of the complexes is available for each buyer. Ukrainian production makes the system 3 times cheaper than imported plants. At the same time, the level of efficiency is at the same level. Cheap smart home with EUS Production is an opportunity to equip your home as comfortable and safe as possible. You can buy a smart home on our website.

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