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Wind generator controller: where to buy?

Wind turbine controller – a system whose main function is to charge the battery during operation of the solar battery. Voltage is undergoing conversion process, making it suitable for charging. In addition to this task, the EUS Production equipment manages the discharge and controls the permissible revolutions.

Features of the complex manufacturer

  • Electric current pass up to 100 A.
  • Work in a hybrid system.
  • Built-in relay for protection against interruptions and strong wind. The components are able to improve the operation of the wind turbine.
  • The digital processor supports optimal charge and discharge mode.
  • The light start system allows you to quickly start with a weak wind.

The control Board for the wind turbine controls the energy flow, expending, at the very beginning, only an alternative source.

All ideas implemented in a compact installation of EUS Production. It synchronizes with the equipment, creating a one-piece and uninterrupted complex. Auxiliary components allow to increase the efficiency of the wind turbine and its maximum efficiency.

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