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Acid battery balancing


Control module for acid and alkaline batteries with a supply voltage of 10 to 15 volts.

  • General power from 12v to 60v.
  • Works from 1S to 4S.
  • 2 independent relay outputs for battery voltage (the sum of all cans).
  • 1 voltage relay output on banks.
  • Control overdischarge and recharge of each can.
  • Measurement chain break control.
  • Display of the voltage of each bank and the total, as well as the percentage of charge.
  • Sound notification in case of an accident.
  • Adjustable from 0-100% PWM to select balancing load.
  • Setting the voltage threshold for balancing.


  • A short press on the button switches the display mode between setting mode and voltmeter. In voltmeter mode, the screen is in anti-degradation mode.
  • A long press toggles the controller between setting mode and display mode.
  • An encoder is used to change settings.
  • The button is used to select the mode.

Setting the balancing threshold

  • Balancing will start if the voltage on all banks is above the set threshold. The value is set on the main screen with the encoder. The button must be pressed for the value to take effect.
  • To calibrate jars, use the corresponding menus AKB1-AKB4.
  • Set the voltage to match the value at the inputs.
  • Set voltage thresholds for turning on and off the corresponding relays Relay1-Relay3.
  • Correctly set 0% and 100% of the battery for the correct operation of the controller.
  • Checking cans for a critical discharge is carried out based on the value (0% acb) (number of cans) -10%.
  • The recharge check is carried out
    according to the formula (100% acb) / (number of cans) + 10%.
  • When the value is exceeded, an audible alarm sounds.
  • Setting the PWM value allows you to set the load current for battery balancing.
  • If the measurement circuit of one of the jars is broken or the parameters are incorrectly set, an audible alarm sounds.