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Catalyst emulator

When removing the catalyst on vehicles with two lambda probes (before and after the catalyst). This module is installed in the circuit break of the second lambda probe. Removes errors P0420/P0430. 


Emulator – 1300 UAH
Configurator – 1500 UAH
(are needed for installer)


24 months
20 000km


This is the third generation of catalyst emulators. There is a digital interface for introduction data (exactly is being tuned for a specific brand). Full decoupling of analog land (necessary for BMW, TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, CHRYSLER, etc.). Correction of the temperature of the catalyst (significantly reduces consumption).


Reprogramming of the engine control units isn’t required. The whole system works as usual, the diagnostics are fully preserved. The “heart” of the electronic module is a microprocessor, in the data store of which there is a program – a model of catalyst operation at various engine operating modes.