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CanSan 2.0 + LIN


The project was developed based on the wifi module   esp8266 

Has 2 can and LIN bus on board 

There are 2 options to purchase: 

1) Buy a ready-made, tested one with an active license to work with three CAN2SAN / CANSAN / CANBridgeIP firmware (the price is $ 100)

2) Build it yourself and buy a license key for activation (key price $ 10)

* for self-assembly there are firmware files and gerbera files for the production of boards. The license is unlimited and is valid for the entire CANSAN / CAN2SAN / CANBridgeIP family, you can change the firmware.

Attention, do not format the flash to save the license!

Universal tool for working with CAN-bus
Analysis of CAN-bus data using CANBOMBER, Can-HackerS programs.
1 built-in ID filter or ID byte replacement
2 full-fledged canhacker (Can-HackerS) in USB or Bluetooth mode
3 CAN direction selection for response from Can-HackerS
4 Change SSID and PASSWORD
5 Convenient mobile version of the built-in website
6 modes 11 bit or 29 bit
7 one-way CAN bus analysis simplifies the filtering of the desired packets.
8 Power supply 5/12/24V
9 CAN speeds:
5Kbps 10Kbps 20Kbps 33.3Kbps 40Kbps 50Kbps 83.3Kbps 100Kbps 125Kbps 200Kbps 250Kbps 500Kbps 1000Kbps Set the
CAN speed and bit rate only in the web interface
USB speed with Can-Hacker S115200 kb/s with CAN sniffer 500000 kb/s
10 Automatic bit switching

Universal tool for working with CAN-bus

Emulation of missing modules.
Activation of car radios, seats, air conditioning, electric power steering, etc. – without a car (you can remove the steering rack, connect our device to it and it will emulate a running car for more convenient diagnostics).
CAN bus data analysis using CANBOMBER, Can-HackerS programs.
Automatic removal of errors by mask.

1 built-in bomber ID and BYTE
2 one dynamic sender
3 one static sender
4 IF to SEND – a checker for auto-deleting errors
5 full-fledged can-hacker (Can-HackerS) in USB or Bluetooth mode
6 Built-in recorder for recording and playing CAN
File saving player editing and loading.
Now you can share files not only!
7 Change SSID and PASSWORD
8 Set a work timer for rental
9 Convenient mobile version of the built-in website
10 5/12V power supply
11 disable Wifi to reduce consumption and stealth mode
12 11 bit or 29 bit modes
13 CAN speeds:
5Kbps 10Kbps 20Kbps 33.3Kbps 40Kbps 50Kbps 83.3Kbps 100Kbps
250Kbps 500Kbps 1000Kbps for 250 packets added display of recorded data * CAN speed can be set in the web interface or through the program interface. (remembers the last one) 11/29 bit is set in the web interface. USB speed with programs 115200 * WiFi jumper disables Wifi

* We put the jumper J1 on the mcp2515 module and connect it to peripheral devices and remove it when we connect it to the car or the computer!
* We connect the earth necessarily and first of all!

To learn how to work with other programs using the Can-HackerS protocol (lawicel)

Improved CAN processing
Support for OBD2 protocols. ISO 9141 ISO 14230 UART bridge: 8192, 9600, 10472, 14400, 38400, 115200

The device is designed to connect devices operating on the CAN bus at any distance.

A wireless connection and an IP protocol are used to transmit CAN packets of any format and speed.
Modes: 11 bits or 29
CAN velocities:
5kbps 10kbps 20kbps 33.3kbps 40kbps 50kbps 83.3kbps 100kbps 125kbps 250KBPS 500KBPS 1000KBPS Automatic
Determination of the CAN MALLITS Network
: 12345678
SSID: for default of Cansa

Firmware v10.0
Buy driver
Buy esp8266
Buy mcp2515

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