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You’ve never seen anything like this! The most secure and easy to use smart home.

More details

Smart home with Telegram-controller

Our team has been developing this product since 2017. Unlike others, in HOMESAN connections go directly through the most encrypted messenger in the world – Telegram, not through the company’s server. We have focused on safety and convenience. You do not need keys and remotes. Everything is tied to the phone’s WiFi. When You approach to the house HOMESAN sees You and removes the protection. Also, when someone from your family came home – You get a notification.


What can and technical specifications

Built-in motion sensor. Control the main power (220V). Hybrid power 220 and 12 volts. Support all kinds of wireless sensors. Nine wireless zones, four of which are alarming (constantly guarded). Works with: motion sensors, glass breaking sensors, wireless reed switches, water and gas leakage sensors, smoke sensors, alarm buttons and doorbells.

To interact with the alarm, is used the TELEGRAM BOT. The built-in WiFi scanner allows automatic arming and disarming, as well as temperature control via a wireless thermo-relay. Commands through TELEGRAM can forcibly disable the control of any sensors, main power, can force to turn on and turn off guard, control the temperature, request the status of the system. Remote firmware update. Secure exchange Protocol. Instant notification of events. Ability to adjust the radius of scanning phones.


HOMESAN setup in 2 steps

Follow the instructions below on the slides. Under the slides, everything is also written point by point. If you have any questions, call +38 (050) 929 36 50

Step 1

  • Turn on the main module
  • Connect to WiFi
  • Follow the instructions

Step 2

  • Add bot telegram
  • Enter the command / start
  • Follow the instructions