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Signal conversion module


This module is widely used in the creation of various temperature controllers, matching circuits or signal conversion. The module can perform the functions of correction of the sensor signals or emulate signals on the basis of data obtained from other sources.

Some application examples:

  • Output of the gas level value to the standard dashboard.
  • Correction of regular fuel sensor readings.
  • Changing the parameters of the mass air flow sensor.
  • Correcting the voltage range of the intake manifold position sensor.
  • Changing the parameters of the turbine pressure sensors.
  • Simulated EGR valve position based on the value of the PWM control.
  • Proportional control of the engine cooling fan.
  • Battery charger.
  • Temperature controller with proportional control.
  • Setup “under itself” the gas pedal or the knob on motorcycles.
  • “Treatment” of slope and suspension height sensors.