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Wifi Zamok


There is no need for remote controls for automatic gates anymore. Now there is WiFi-Zamok from EUSPRO. You just connect your phone once, and if you approach the gate at a predetermined distance, it will automatically open without pressing any buttons.

Leave the consoles in the past, they have too many disadvantages:
– Signal interception is possible
– Batteries run out – Depressing
– They need to be bought in addition, in case of replenishment of people

Instead of remotes – a phone, and you don’t need to press anything on it, our device scans the approach of allowed phones and opens the gate. No buttons, no signal interception, the phone is always with you, you can connect up to 1000 phones, unlike remotes.

Functions of WiFi-Zamok:
1) Support up to 1000 phones
2) Set the range
3) Set the timeout
4) Request a list of authorized users
5) Connect to any automatic gate.

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